What’s Driving Your ERP Project?

ERP Implementation

Most project groups from mid-market manufacturing and distribution organizations are challenged by an ERP selection project.

This is because an ERP project cuts throughout every space of the enterprise, impacting useful areas from finance, accounting and supply chain, to buy flooring, production, stock, high quality administration, transport and extra. Manufacturers and distributors have already gone via lean initiatives, reducing away extra, and thereby are working with a lean workers.

IT could lead the project and positively has a serious function, however ERP projects contact nearly each space of the enterprise. The new ERP system will naturally bring some change to how enterprise is completed, so it’s vital that enterprise process owners are closely concerned.

Thus, when a project team is contemplating an ERP selection project, it’s crucial that the selection process be primarily based on a strong foundation of trade experience, vendor analysis and an intimate knowledge of the enterprise, all aligned with the purpose of improved enterprise performanc

Software Decision Drivers: Aligning Selection with the Needs of the Business

At its most elementary, establishing strategic software program resolution drivers throughout a variety undertaking includes matching the important thing future state necessities a enterprise should obtain to drive enterprise process transformation in opposition to the system features a technology resolution provides.

Apagen’s ERP selection consultant group has guided organizations on this very method. This set of software decision drivers will differ for each organization depending on what’s the greatest match for the particular functional areas of the enterprise.

6 Categories of Software Decision Drivers

Manufacturers and distributors ought to consider the next software decision drivers when getting into an ERP project:

1 — Features and Functionality

  • Does the software program meet the longer term state wants of the enterprise?
  • Will ERP users discover the software program intuitive and easy-to-use?
  • Does the software program have superior trade functionality to help dynamic enterprise needs?

2 — Vendor Synergy

  • Does the seller understand the specifics of the enterprise?
  • Is the seller aligned with the particular necessities of the organization?

3 — Solution Agility and Viability

  • Is the seller invested on this product resolution?
  • Will the software program be part of its service providing for the long-term?

4 — Technology Alignment

  • Does the platform match throughout the workforce’s technology roadmap?
  • Is the seller following trade requirements for current and future integrations?

5 — Total Cost of Ownership

  • Are licensing charges, upkeep and subscription prices understood?
  • Are charges for providers/help and integrations included?

6 — Implementation Considerations

  • Does the seller’s implementation methodology align with the organization?
  • Is the undertaking plan complete with sufficient element?
  • How are dangers and points managed?

Apagen’s methodology & orientation can invariably add value to your organization’s IT Structure. Our Innovative Process can help you evaluate your ERP insights.