Things to do before Odoo ERP Implementation

Challenges in implementing ERP solutions ar quite traditional. although it’s not utterly a technical job, loads of coming up with and correct communication is extremely a lot of essential to implement ERP across the organization. Below are some common challenges we’ve noticed firms expertise once ERP Implementation

1. Finance and Accounting Module:

All in out the flow of cost is managed by this module. This module is continually monitoring all types of transactions like expenditure, tax, bank transactions, ledgers, balance sheets, etc. This module can easily generate financial reports. By clicking the finance and accounting module all finance or account-related data will appear in front of you.

2. FLack of Support from Senior Management

Will lead to unnecessary frustrations in the workplace. Also, it will cause a delay in operations and ineffective decisions. So, it is essential to ensure that the Senior Management supports the transformation.

3. CRM — Customer Relation Management:

CRM or customer relationship management module is another important module in ERP. This helps to maintain the whole details such as contact details, history (if any), related contracts, meetings & purchases by the customer and these help for future reference. And also helps to raise sales hence production through better customer service and better customer complaint management system .CRM management can be integrated with sales to boost opportunities.

4. Investment in Infrastructure:

Most Investment in Infrastructure is incredibly essential. ERP application modules would force smart process speed and adequate storage. Not allocating appropriate allow infrastructure can end in reduced application speed and alternative package problems. Hardware and package Security is additionally equally vital.

5. Appropriate training is very essential:

During and after the implementation in Odoo, the staff should be comfortable in using the application or else, it will backfire, with redundant work and functional inefficiencies.

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