Functions and Importance of Sales Management

Sales management facilitates the instructions of actions and functions that are concerned within the distribution of products and providers. According to Gaurav Kumar, “Marketing administration is the analysis, planning implementation and management of programmes designed to result in desired exchanges with target markets for the aim of reaching organisational aims.

It depends closely on designing the organisations’ providing when it comes to the target markets needs and wishes and utilizing effective pricing, communication and distribution to tell, inspire and service the market.”

Sales or advertising and marketing administration is concerned with the chalking out of a particular programme, after cautious evaluation and forecasting of the market conditions and the final word execution of those plans to attain the aims of the organisation. Further, their sales plan to a better extent rest upon the necessities and motives of the consumers in the market aimed toward.

To achieve this goal the organisation has to offer heed to the best pricing, efficient promoting and sales promotion, discerning distribution and stimulating the patrons via the perfect providers. To sum up, marketing management may be outlined as the method of management of selling programmes for undertaking organisational goals and aims. It includes planning, implementation and management of marketing programmes or campaigns.


(i) Sales analysis and planning with the help of sale management software

(ii) Demand creation.

(iii) Sales prices and budget.

(iv) Price fixations.

(v) Development of products.

(vi) Establishing sales territories.

(vii) Co-ordination of sales.

These capabilities differ from company to firm based on their size and the character of their products.

Importance of Sales Management:

Sales management has gained importance to satisfy growing competitors and the necessity for improved methods of distribution to reduce cost and to extend earnings. Sales administration today is an important performance in an industrial and enterprise.

The following are the opposite elements exhibiting the significance of the sales management:

(i) Introduction of recent products available in the market.

(ii) Increasing the manufacturing of current products.

(iii) Reducing the value of sales and distribution.

(iv) Export market.

(v) Development within the means and communication of transportation inside and outside the country.

(vi) Rise in per capita earnings and demand for extra items by the consumers.

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