If your organization has taken the decision to adopt an ERP system to enhance your enterprise processes, then congratulations! You’ve already taken a vital first step.

Now comes the work of sifting via lots of various ERP solutions available on the market and figuring out which one will best benefit your enterprise based on targets and desires. But beware, this may add lots of stress to choose accurately (after all, a new ERP system is a vital investment!). Luckily, we have compiled this guide on methods to discover the suitable ERP vendor for your corporation.

Why finding a suitable ERP solution is vital

A superb ERP solution can assist your enterprise with the next:

  • Help you turn into extra competitive

Choosing an ERP vendor that would be the most helpful to your enterprise is a crucial part of the ERP implementation process and must be approached with care. You will discover that many ERP vendors on the market provide almost equivalent solutions. This could make the choice process overwhelming. But however, it means that you’ve plenty of options to choose from!

How to seek out the solution you need

Choosing and implementing an ERP system is a large-scale enterprise. It’s important that your enterprise be ready to dedicate a number of time and assets to this project and that it not be handled as an afterthought when you actually wish to reap all the potential advantages.


As the implementation process could be daunting, it’s crucial to seek out an ERP vendor you’ll be able to trust. Make certain you connect with a salesperson or account supervisor who’s finely attuned to your actual needs and is available to reply to any questions you might have.

Define your organization targets, price range, and timeline

These days, there are ERP systems for nearly every kind of business, and the food supply chain enterprise is not any different.

When trying to determine a suitable ERP vendor, it’s vital that you simply first have inner meetings to decide company targets, price range, and timeline. What may also be useful is tracking your products via their complete lifecycle, from manufacturing to providing customer support (end-to-end). During that process, determine the entire steps concerned and where an ERP solution could be most helpful.

Remember that ERP software programs could also be utilized in several departments corresponding to customer support, manufacturing, supply chain, and transport. It’s crucial to consider not simply the company’s objectives, however, the needs of various employees who shall be utilizing the software and the personal contact they are going to want from an ERP vendor.

ERP Selection Checklist

Once you’ve recognized your entire enterprise wants and considering what you want out of your new software, you’ll be able to create a list of criteria that are vital so that you can have them before lastly selecting an ERP vendor. Remember, the ERP vendor of the ERP solution is just as vital because of the ERP system itself.

When you take a look at your objectives and necessities, additionally think about what kinds of features and performance would best serve these needs. You might even attempt to type these criteria into categories similar to important, vital, and nice-to-have. Then, you’ll be able to measure the ERP vendors you investigate against these standards.

To allow you to perceive what a few of these standards might seem like (and what we advise you add to your personal list) listed below are some examples of what to search for in an ERP vendor:


Many organizations that undertake an ERP solution end up experiencing the difficulty of little ongoing support. Once implementation is finished, what sort of support does the ERP vendor provide? Are they going to be obtainable for ongoing communication so as to maximize the advantages of the software?


Does the ERP service provider provide training each throughout the initial set-up in addition to an added service in the future? As ERP solutions get up to date frequently, plus, with typical employee turnover in a corporation, it’s vital to ask your ERP vendor what sort of training services they provide. Or, if you determine to train staff in-house, what kind of documentation and different self-training materials can the vendor provide?


Perhaps earlier than arranging a meeting with an ERP vendor, try to look for customer critiques online. This can give you an extra trustworthy look at what the ERP Service provider is like in addition to giving you a thought of whether or not there are any hidden prices that the vendor doesn’t readily advertise on their website.

Just do not forget that with most ERP services providers, there shall be a mix of both good and unhealthy reviews. You wish to make sure to ask more questions and/or be cautious when the reviews are largely detrimental online with clients detailing a number of bad experiences with a certain vendor

Once you understand your criteria, you have set a standard for what sort of ERP service provider could be an excellent match in your organization’s needs and the way they’ll work with the rest of your corporation. Granted, you might not get every single item on your wishlist, however you’ll be able to definitely come as close as possible when you recognize your necessities completely. Even if one thing is lacking, it’s all the time price discussing with the ERP service provider so that a potential solution could be found.

Now, you can start exploring ERP vendors and compiling a shortlist based mostly in your firm’s standards of what will work one of the best. Then, it’s time to start reaching out to different vendors to get more intimate info from every of them and ask vital questions.

Questions to ask an ERP vendor (ERP Selection Checklist )

While many of the information and questions you ask an ERP vendor through the “discovery” process will doubtless be associated with your criteria list, it’s additionally vital to ask about issues like what corporations the ERP vendor is already serving and case studies, their customer satisfaction levels, and their reputation within the industry. Here are some key questions it’s best to ask when discovering the best ERP solution:


The finest approach to know whether or not an ERP solution is right for your enterprise is to take it for a test drive. It’s vital that an ERP vendor be capable of present you a live version of the ERP software and in addition, let you play around with it yourself so you’ll be able to come back with extra in-depth questions.


The faster the implementation could be accomplished, the faster your enterprise can start seeing worthwhile outcomes. Once you’ve mentioned what you are promoting wants and necessities, inquire about how lengthy implementation would possibly take given the dimensions of your organization. Be wary of implementation timelines that just about too good to be true: when you need to be up and running as quickly as possible, this could not come at the cost of thoroughness.


You wish to know the way hands-on the ERP vendor is each through the implementation process and afterwards in regard to updates and ongoing assist. The final thing you need is to spend money on an ERP solution, solely to seek out that it’s arduous to get support after implementation is full.


During the standards process, you’ll likely have settled on a price range that your organization needs to stay with. Don’t be afraid to speak your price range with an ERP service provider so that together you’ll be able to figure out the best way to get one of the best solutions and features for one of the best prices.


It’s one factor to take an organization’s phrase for it, and it’s one other to listen to from other clients how glad they’ve been with the ERP solution. It may allow you to get helpful info from a reference who’s had lots of time with the software. So ask for those references!

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