5 Features of Pharmacy Management System+

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The Pharmacy Management system otherwise known as the pharmacy information system shops data systemizes and controls using the treatment process with the pharmacies.

Medical Technology and Information expertise are rising day by day. The system developer makes use of this golden opportunity to assist the pharmacist in controlling their inventory and selecting the best medication through the use of the computer program.

The pharmacist makes use of the pharmacy management system to regulate the pharmacy reliably. Patients typically choose to visit the pharmacy instead of a doctor for minor diseases, and the system allows the pharmacist to prescribe over-the-counter medicine for these illnesses

5 Major Pharmacy Management System (PMS) Features:

The prime function of a PMS is to help the pharmacist within the secure and efficient supply of pharmaceutical medication.

The pharmacies require some core capabilities and capabilities to carry out their duties successfully. Below are a few of the top 5 must-have features for a Pharmacy Management System.


Pharmacies interact with a number of patients daily, and information relating to every one of these interactions are stored inside the pharmacy information system. Data could also be used later for bettering the enterprise technique or it could be wanted throughout a certification or inspection process.

The studies provide priceless insights into the operations within the pharmacy. It can be utilized to differentiate the sufferers who go to the pharmacy regularly for refills, and this can be utilized to inventory accordingly.


Prescriptions are recognized to be illegible and this may trigger confusion amongst patients and can be a supply of error in dishing out the best medication. E-prescriptions present a user-friendly choice for the patients and likewise scale back the risk of errors.

The digital prescription function can be utilized by the pharmacy to handle refills and allows doctors to ship the new refills immediately into the pharmacy management system, permitting fast dispensing of the medicines. Apart from this, there will be no confusion in providing the best prescription between the doctor and the patient.

SMS and Notification:

By using a pharmacy management system, the pharmacist can schedule text messages to be sent to patients intimating them earlier than their prescriptions running out.

The sufferers can then let the pharmacist if they need a refill, just by responding to the message. The standing updates let the pharmacist communicate with the sufferers, making certain patient satisfaction.

Multi-Store and Multi-Location Support:

The user can handle stores at a number of locations simply with a pharmacy information system.

Data about inventory ranges, sales, returns from multiple shops might be seen in a single software. Overall studies for all the chain of shops might be generated, giving the consumer a whole overview of revenue, loss, inventory levels, etc.

User Management Module:

This function permits restricted access to varied users. Access to varied options might be restricted for various customers, for simple management. This authentication is classified into two circumstances namely

Administrator User: The consumer can manage the buying and promoting process, record the medicines, view the inventory and perform different duties. The consumer will be capable of view the pharmacy record and the pharmacy map simply. It performs an important role in controlling the sales and stocks being processed day by day.

Administrator Authentication User: The users who’re authenticated can view all process together with promoting reports, transactions, manipulate the drugs record and the drugs inventory. This function additionally helps to track common actions and generate day by day accounts by using multisite software.

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